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10 things in your wardrobe that need to go

Posted on September 17 2018

A change of season is a really good time to go through your cupboard and do some de-cluttering. It needn’t take up a whole weekend. There are things you can do in short bursts that will help you get rid of (or at least remove) the old so you have room to bring in the new. And who doesn’t want some new season shoes or that special item you’ve been eyeing off for a while?

So, here are 10 things that need to go:

  1. Anything you haven’t worn in the past year. If it isn’t a speciality or seasonal item (think ski clothes, formal wear and so on) there’s a good chance you may never wear it again. Consider tossing (if it’s old or torn) or donating anything you haven’t worn for at least a year.
  1. Shoes that hurt. We’ve all done it, bought shoes that don’t fit properly or hurt our feet just because we love them (or their was nothing else available). Time to let them go and live a more comfortable life!
  1. Expensive mistakes. The sort of item we keep year after year but have never worn. It stays in our closet simply because it is too expensive to get rid of. If you haven’t forced yourself to wear it by now, you are never going to. Forgive yourself. Learn. And donate the item to someone who will love it.
  1. Books, electronics, and magazines. You might not want to get rid of them but get them out of your closet! Your closet will feel more organised and practical when it’s totally dedicated to your wardrobe, and you’ll probably enjoy your books and magazines more when they’re in a more accessible place in your home.
  1. “Skinny jeans”. Not so much the actual skinny jeans, more the ones that don’t fit you anymore. Even if you are working on slimming down, wouldn’t you rather buy a stunning new pair that fit you perfectly now, rather than a pair that looked good years ago? When you stop looking to recapture the past you can start embracing the magic of the present.
  1. Seasonal items you (almost) never wear. These are the ski goggles, tap shoes, wetsuits and other absurdities taking up space in your closet. You might not want to get rid of them, but they definitely don’t require everyday accessibility. Consider moving these items to an attic, basement, storage unit, or other out-of-the-way spot to make more space in your closet for everyday things.
  1. Old or broken-down underwear. Get rid of anything that technically qualifies as embarrassing and upgrade yourself with some new pieces. Even if you’re the only one who ever sees them it will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself!
  1. Dodgy hangers. One of the simplest things you can do to dress up your closet is to upgrade to wooden or velvet hangers. They’re actually NOT that expensive and can make your closet feel so luxurious and look so much better. They can also serve as a volume checkpoint — when you run out of hangers, it’s time to clean out and purge a few things.
  1. Borrowed items. That dress or jacket you borrowed to wear to a wedding or night on the town... Be courteous and prompt about laundering and returning borrowed clothes. That’s how you’ll get to borrow again! Even if it’s just from your kids or your sister.
  1. Things that don’t fit. You know how it goes. Staring at a dress 3 sizes too big you bought on super sale last year with the intent of having it altered… and never did. News flash: it’s not gonna happen. Give that dress the life it deserves and donate it to someone who will wear and love it!

There you go! A clean and organised wardrobe is not too hard to come by with a few simple steps to follow. You’ll free up some time and space in your life and move into the next season with a little less clutter and a little more knowledge of what you need for your next shopping spree!

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