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3 Common Wardrobe Mistakes to avoid

Posted on January 06 2020

They say less is more and it applies just as nicely to the Fashion Industry and your Wardrobe as it does anywhere else!  Not only that, streamlining and making the most of your wardrobe is simpler than you might think.  So if you want to know how you can have the best of both worlds, listen up. 

Mistake #1 Buying the same thing over and over

You might look at your wardrobe and realise while you love black, you have lots of it, or you may love camel as a fashion color, but realise you have nothing to wear with it?  Being aware of what we purchase the most of, empowers you to either choose clothing in other complimentary colors, or start buying different.  There are only approximately 30 days in a calendar month on average.  Choose your favourites, find ways to match and wear them, and then clean out the rest.  Don't be tempted to keep buying along the same lines of what you already have.  Consider buying classic iterations such as linen that you can dress up or down, these will stand the test of time.  

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Mistake #2 Choosing larger clothes

Have you ever fallen into the habit of buying clothes in a larger size, in the belief they'll be more flattering?  Or with the intention of losing that bit of weight you've been carrying?  Homes & Gardens Editor Carolyn Bailey can attest.

"A while back, I thought I needed to buy clothes in a size larger, and then I realised that this actually made me look bigger, as things didn’t hang well and everything was much less fitted," she tells us. "Now, if something in my usual size doesn’t fit, I just don’t buy it!"

Buying the wrong size should be avoided at all costs, particularly during the sales, when the temptation to pick up a bargain that doesn't quite fit is much higher.  Don't just buy clothing because its cheap and it might fit later.  Buy clothing that works for you now. 

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Mistake #3 Saving "special" pieces for evening

    You may have purchased something for a special occasion such as a wedding etc, but even though we might have spent a lot of money on it, we have the tendancy to let it waste away at the back of our collection, waiting for another special occasion. One of the thoughts on my mind when im looking is 'will i wear this again'?  Consider dressing down that top by adding jeans, or wearing that dress over 3/4 pants gathered on the side with a nice trendy knot.  Throw on a day casual day jacket, and wear casual jewellery, shoes and bag with it to tone it down a little.  Mix Velvet and sequin with denim, khaki, and linen. 

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