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3 Reasons you should choose Linen over Cotton

Posted on January 14 2019

Linen and Cotton are both highly popular fabrics, but there are some benefits to choosing linen over cotton. Here's why Linen is the preferred option.

  1.   Coolness

Both, Cotton and Linen, come from natural plant fibers (cellulose) and hence both are not heat holding fabrics. Cotton offers good wearability, while Linen offers a different coolness and breathability as a stand out feature. Not only for wearable garments but for other things such as bedding. This is due to the lesser number of thread counts in Linen compared to cotton.

  1. Absorbency and Interactivity with moisture.

The absorbency rate of linen is considerably higher than that of cotton which makes it the fabric of choice when it’s warm and humid. In high moisture climates, linen proves it’s worth because of its ability to absorb moisture, without compromising the look, giving you the coolness and easy breathing flexibility with clothing you need. Linen does not have elasticity, it does not stick, keeping you free from moisture in hot and humid climates.

Moreover, linen gains strength when wet giving it a natural ability to prevent the bacterial growth. For fabric such as towels, this is very important as the microbes hide in hand as well as bath towels. Linen interacts well with human body and offers luxuriously real comfort.

  1. Flexibility and Longevity

Much research has been done with differing outcomes on whether linen or cotton are stronger, but it’s longevity and strength as a fabric means it lasts a lot longer. A cotton garment can give a smooth and silky touch when it’s brand new, but after a few washes, it does weaken and wear off.  With the right care, Linen will stand the test of time.

Linen will become softer and shinier with each wash, while cotton fabric weakens. Flax fibers, from which linen is made, are resistant to damage from scratch and repeated wash and ironing don’t affect it such as wear out of collars.

Is it time you got some more linen in your wardrobe? 

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