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5 new Fashion Trends for 2019

Posted on January 21 2019

As a new year is well and truly upon us, let's look at where trends are heading in 2019!  You can easily tweak your outfits to be in line with current trends, and add color and accessories to bring to life an outfit you have worn before. 

Clashing prints

If you have ever wanted to be daring in your mix of prints, then this is the year to step into the unknown. Combining your leopard print skirt with your favourite stripe top is going to be an on trend combination. This season florals and stripes will be mixed together with animal prints and even checks aren’t left out.  The trick is focusing on the colours and making sure they are complimentary, keep all pastels or primary colours or monochrome with just a pop of colour. 


If you think of vintage dresses and tablecloths, crochet and lace will be the first things that pop into your mind. This year both are going to found everywhere. There will be a 70’s, folky edge to this years trends but with a contemporary feel. This will not just be limited to clothing but will extend all the way to accessories with crochet bags and frayed tassels.  Clothing lines such as our Linen Hand Made Mandarin Button Double Layer Pants are popular because of their unique detail.  


This is a colour you will be seeing more of! From pastel pinks to bold fuchsias, it's definitely an 'in thing'!  Our Linen Patch Details Asymmetric Hemline Jacket is on trend, vibrant and easy to dress up or down. 

Utility style

Past trends have seen this style statement pieces being Boiler suits and Khaki jackets, however this season you will see a new way of working the utility trend. This season it is a lot softer with utility trousers paired with stunning frilly blouses.

2019 is definitely the year to mix up your fashion choices, get a bit bolder, and try something new! 

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  • Mehak Sra: May 01, 2019

    Great Article.Thanks For Sharing great information with us. Also, check out Biggest Summer trends in 2019

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