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Achieving the Classic Monochrome Look

Posted on November 05 2018

With Ann G Linen it is so easy to create any look you like!  From comfortable and casual to classy and chic, you are bound to find something to inspire you to design the looks you love. One of the simplest yet elegant fashion statements is the monochrome look. Uncomplicated black and white can be paired with ANY colour you like to produce an outfit for almost any occasion. Make your outfit completely black and white and throw in just one accessory with a bold colour and you have a look that will turn heads. How about some ideas to get you started?

1) Choose either a bottom to your outfit or a dress you love to wear. Black is the easiest choice. Some ideas from our exclusive range:

2) Next select a top. This is where your personal style and preferences will come into play. You have so many choices and options. You can stay with a basic black style which will have the effect of streamlining your body shape, making you appear taller and slimmer or you can choose a white blouse to create the monochrome look. Or if you choose this is where you could throw in that bold colour for the wow factor. Click here to view our current range. 

3) If you are still layering for the cooler months select a jacket to compliment the look you are creating. A white jacket over your black silhouette, a white or black jacket over the white or coloured top. You really are only limited by your imagination -->

4) Shoes are a very important factor in designing your look. Whether you are going for dressed up or casual, opt for a comfortable fit so you will feel confident in any environment. If you have chosen the black look with a white jacket you may choose to throw in a bold coloured shoe now to compliment your outfit or continue with a black shoe to streamline your look.

5) Lastly, accessories. If you have yet to choose your bold colour now is the time to do it! Whether you choose a necklace, scarf, bracelet, earrings or stunning handbag you can make a statement with your favourite colour or piece. If you have already chosen a bold colour keep your accessories understated to match the rest of your outfit. Keeping your accessories within the monochrome framework of black and white colour will make that one bold piece stand out.


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