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All things Pintucks!

Posted on June 25 2018

There is something quite unique and delicate about pintucks. They add quality and uniqueness to a garment and a sense of yesteryear. Pintucks have a certain charm about them. They signify something regal and heavenly. They appear aloof and untouchable. Sometimes they are tiny and delicate, at other times they create extra detail and design to a plain item.

A pintuck is a fold of fabric that has been stitched in a certain way to hold the detail in place, much like a pleat. They give a decorative effect to the fabric, creating a visual line at a chosen point. They are often seen in vintage clothing, but they can be used to create a very modern look as well. Ann G Linen have a number of products incorporating the decorative pintuck adding quality craftsmanship to their designs.

Firstly, the Linen Pin-tucks Button Front Shirt is a beautiful shirt with a feminine design. It has sleeves that roll up and can be secured with a button. The tiny pin tucks and picot stitching on the front give a flattering and high quality vintage look, along with the small roll-down collar. Suitable to wear over pants or a skirt or tucked into jeans creating classic, old-world charm style.

The Linen Twill Cowl Neck Pin Tucks Sleeveless Dress is visually appealing with a relaxed long cowl neck and larger pin tucks in a V-shape flowing down the bodice allowing the dress to fall in a casual A-line shape. The dress could be worn belted for a more formal appearance or left flowing giving a casual chic look.

The Linen Long Sleeves Scooped Neck Tunic is another attractive feminine blouse. Once again the sleeves can be rolled up and secured with a button, giving a fun, casual feel to the design. Tiny handmade pintucks are added to one side with a pocket on the opposite side creating visual appeal along with the double button design along the front. Wear this tunic in white over jeans for a classy, vintage look or choose a pop of colour with pants or a skirt for an elegant style.

We have a number of other styles to choose from with elegant pintucks included in their designs. Beautiful quality details you come to expect from professional tailors and craftsman. With such beautiful designs made with high quality fabric no wonder these linen styles are such a pleasure to wear for many seasons!

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