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Brown, the new season's black.

Posted on May 13 2019

If I say it’s time to stock your wardrobe with block colours and neutrals for the cooler months black, white or even grey would be the first thing that comes into your mind right? Well you are not alone and as much as these are wardrobe staples, it's time to change up the colours this time.  Brown, is the new season's black. 

We all know that black goes with everything but what about brown? Here’s are a few combination tips that will make your brown's 'pop'.

Brown with Orange

One of the comfiest and most charming colour combinations is Brown and Orange. The bright and energetic nature of orange complement the darker hues of chocolate brown perfectly acting as a harmonic counterbalance.

Brown with Yellow

From pale to sunny yellow, brown is the perfect partner helping to sooth bright yellow shades. Add in some black to add extra depth to your outfit.

Brown and Beige

This is one of the timeless and reliable pairings that you can pick. It’s the combination of luxurious brown shades combined with sweet beige that will have you looking on trend at your next party.  Add in some animal prints, and create a truly magnificent outfit.

Brown and Blue

This is another one for those that still want to inject some colour this winter season. This is a great option for casual or your next party look. Try Blue and Brown for some more creative fun.

We love this Linen Jersey Binding Short Sleeve Top featuring a soft-to-touch and relaxed fit for the female shape. The contrasting details at the collar and sleeves along with a high-low hemline and a free-style to the simple tee, making it a great casual wardrobe staple.

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Brown and Pink

For those that favour the sweet and humble pairing, this one’s for you. Brown shades help to sooth the pink hues while not letting them look to childish.

Brown and White

Brown and White are a clean combination. Grab your brown winter coat and pair it with a plain white t-shirt or shirt for a fresher and lighter look this winter. This is the most natural and cool pair of them all. Try our Linen Jersey Binding Short Sleeve Top (above) with our Linen Bubble Effect Harem Pants.

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So before you go out stocking up on your winter clothes or before you visit Ann G Linen, make sure you consider adding in some browns. Brown, is the new black! 

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