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Fashion in Neutrals

Posted on June 04 2018

Wearing neutral colours like beige might be seen by some as boring or mediocre but these colours are quite chic and fashionable, recently viewed on some of the latest runways. The colour beige is dependable, conservative, and flexible; neutral, calm, and relaxing. The attributes and meanings associated with beige change based on the colours it accompanies.

The colour beige offers some of the warmth of brown and some of the crisp and coolness of white. A similar colour to beige is ivory, a neutral, relaxing, and calming colour, which also has some of the same pureness and softness of the colour white, but with a warmer tone. Ivory represents quiet and pleasantness. The colour ivory sets a relaxed tone of understated elegance.

You might find neutral colours like tan and light brown a bit tricky to style, but you can sport these hues in a number of stylish ways. For instance, while a combination of black and brown was once a frowned upon, new trends in fashion have changed the tides. It's time to mix things up. The key to successfully wearing these shades lies in using various tones and textures.

With Whites

Shades like white, off-white and cream look chic and sophisticated when paired with tan and light brown colours. Giving off an equestrian vibe, this colour combination is equal parts preppy and stylish. Camel coats have been seen on countless runways, so for cooler weather, pair a wool, camel coat with white trousers and a crisp, white button-down shirt. For women, a white sheath dress will look great with a pair of high-heeled, tan boots.

Pops of Colour

While tan and light browns pair best with other neutrals like beige and black, in some cases, a pop of colour is key. A tan dress can be spruced up with turquoise heels and a matching clutch. Pastels and other soft shades also work well with light browns and tans. A peach or mint-coloured blouse or button-up worn with a pair of tan pants will be fashionable for all seasons.

Head to Toe

As with black and white, tan and camel are tones that look great when worn from head to toe. However, those with fair skin should avoid wearing colours like beige, while medium skin tones will want to avoid lighter browns, each of which can cause a washed out look. Demure silhouettes such as silk, slip dresses or other monochromatic tan ensembles are a chic and refreshing way to wear the shades. A satin tan cami or tank top tucked into a pair of trousers in the same tone is a very simple yet stylish option. Gold jewellery and nude shoes pair wonderfully with this colour palette.


If tan and light brown clothing aren't for you, ease into the trend by incorporating accessories like tan or light brown shoes or wallets into your wardrobe. Dresses in bright shades will look great with a tan pair of heels for women.

Another idea that works fantastically well is when you repeat your eye or hair colour (or both) in your outfit.

  • You can wear it with a colour similar to your eye colour – blue, green, bronze, brown, olive etc.
  • You can team it with a colour similar to your hair colour – gold, caramel, taupe, chocolate, black etc.
  • You can pair it with a skin enhancer – red, orange, purple, pink
  • Nude shades of neutrals really need to be put with a contrasting colour to stop you from looking bland.

By pairing it with another colour existing in your natural colouring, you will be wearing your ideal contrast naturally.  This creates the most harmonious look and is the ideal way to wear the nude beige and camel colours.

While intimidating to some, tan, beige and other neutral shades can be fun to wear and may even prove to be an integral part of the most fashionable of wardrobes. Some of the styles from the Ann G Linen range in classic neutral shades:

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