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Lessons in Style Everyone Needs to Know

Posted on May 21 2018

One definition of style taken from the Collins dictionary is “the manner in which something is expressed or performed” or as Shawn Ashmore said, “Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.” The truth is we all have a style, one that is uniquely our own. Whether we realise it, purposefully choosing it, or not. Where has that style come from? Some of us create it, others of us have learnt it, and many have received it growing up, perhaps from our mothers.

There are certain style ‘rules’ or tips that are timeless and worth taking on board. These tips help us to make the most of who we are and be mindful of what we buy so that we make smarter, more productive choices.

Invest In A Couple Of Quality Jackets

Investing in quality, timeless jackets is smart, given that you basically live in them for half of your life. You can mix and match with more trend-driven, fun and cost-effective purchases to breathe new life into them each season.

Put Your Own Spin On Trends

In order to stand out from the crowd and stay true to your personal style, it’s key to put a bit of ‘you’ into any trend.

Don’t Wear Multiple Jewellery On Different Parts Of The Body, Choose One Statement Piece

You may be guilty of breaking this one on occasion, and that’s okay. As a general rule, however, stick to one statement piece of jewellery on a night out for maximum impact. Less is definitely more when it comes to looking timeless and chic in the jewellery department.

Know How To Care For Your Clothes (What To Hand Wash Or Dry Clean)

Treat your wardrobe with the same level of TLC that you would any other relationship—if you care for your clothes, they will stay with you for life.

Wear Lipstick To Add Glamour

There’s no greater antidote to feeling ‘meh’ on a night out than popping on a red lip (especially when paired with statement earrings). Or a favourite colour if red is not your thing.

A Collection Of Statement Sunglasses, Jewellery And Handbags To Dress Up Wardrobe Basics Is A Must

This is especially handy when it comes to dressing for the office. Adopting a uniform of sorts during the week won’t feel as monotonous with the addition of a pair of statement sunglasses, earrings and/or a great handbag.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Rather than battling through a painful ordeal in high heels, add a touch of glam to your outfit with jewellery or a great handbag instead. Or find lovely soft comfy wedges that work just as well.

Comfortable Clothes Are The Key To Feeling Confident

Wearing clothes that fit you properly (instead of ones that feel like a prison) will make you feel infinitely more confident in yourself, so you can concentrate on more important things (like having fun).

Invest In Basics That Fit

Basics really aren’t basic - they can be the foundation of extremely fashionable (and simple!) choices. Ever wonder why a woman looks great in a white button-up, jeans and heels? It took a minute to think of the look, but it took planning to ensure her pieces fit perfectly.

Don’t Be Afraid To Wear A Vintage Piece Or Two Of Your Grandma’s

Your own signature jewellery and accessories will give your grandma’s hand-me-downs (or vintage store finds) a modern update.

Wear The Right Underwear

Nothing will ruin the right outfit quicker than bad underwear—for e.g. thick bra straps poking out from under spaghetti strap dresses (unless that’s the intended vibe you’re going for, of course).

Be A Planner

You can’t plan for everything, but don’t let your Monday mornings catch you off-guard. Plan your outfits in advance for stress-free mornings and outfit-regret-free days.

With these style tips you can have a more organised, useful wardrobe that has been created just for you. One that will help you feel more confident and assured in any outfit.

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