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Linen Shirts: Your smart summer wardrobe hero!

Posted on December 02 2019

We love linen for it's many uses, durability, high quality, lightweight feature and it's versatility.  Having just a few linen pieces in your wardrobe can make your fashion choices at any time of the day so much easier!  It's simple to throw on and easy to wear without needing a lot of ironing.  Whether you are dressing for work, the beach or looking for an effortless evening outfit, the humble linen shirt is here to answer all of your wardrobe worries.

Every wardrobe needs a few hero pieces!  Today we show you why we love our linen shirts so much.  


1.  You can be fashionable and standout with linen

When it comes to going back to basics, sometimes less is more.  That's why we love our Linen jersey Binding Short Sleeve Top.  This basic t-shirt features a soft-to-touch and relaxed fit for a female shape. The contrasting details at the collar and sleeves along with a high-low hemline add a free-style to the simple tee, making it the best casual wardrobe staple.

It's simple, yet elegant and unique in it's own way!

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2.  When you need room to move, Linen is the perfect fit! 

There are seasons and days in your life when you need a top that gives you flexibility and movement and room to move!  It might be that you are in hot, humid weather, or you may just feel you need some space to move in your day to day activities.   

The perfect casual loose fit top to pair with any pants or bottom for all-day comfort. The dropped shoulder, elbow sleeves and the inverted pleats at the front give the perfect amount of detailing.

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3.  Cool, calm and collected, no matter the season!

There are those days when you just want to chill out, hang about, take your time moseying through the shops or along the beach, and our linen range is the perfect solution for this.  Our simple roll-up sleeve wide round neck top with shark bit hem and slightly slant patch pocket on each side front has a decorated tab on the back hem with a sea shell button on top.

Match with our contrast color Cropped Flares Leg Linen Trousers to complete the casual day look.

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So, whatever trend or style you’re channeling this season, a linen shirt will slot in seamlessly and be your comfortable go to!  The great thing about Linen is along with the comfortable style it offers, you don't have to compromise on this seasons trends; maintaining a level of formality for the office when worn in place of a t-shirt or racer-front vest, with a suit.  

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