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Looking stylish in Black

Posted on April 08 2019

There’s one constant color that will always be a key player and a safe go to in the Fashion Industry, the classic, ever flattering color black.  Ever versatile and never out of style, you can be  Audrey Hepburn or Karl Lagerfeld and you will always be on trend!  Like all styles and colors there are ways to wear it and not wear 'it' in order to make it work for you.  Here are our top tips. 

#1 Pay attention to the cut and fit 

We all know that black is slimming but if the cut doesn’t suit you then it won’t live up to its reputation. Black is a muted color so don’t be afraid to play around and stand out with asymmetric cuts and showy details like plunging necklines, high slits or ruffles.

This formal linen jacket brings elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe. The join panels on front and back create a three dimensional shape, that will flatter your body.  

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#2 Accessories

One of the great things about wearing a black outfit is that you get to work with a blank canvas and add extravagance through accessories.  Adding gold, silver or block color can really bring an outfit alive.

Consider wearing a statement scarf full of color or with a bold pattern, an unmissable wide brimmed hat or some fluro-color earrings to really make them stand out.  Another way to spice up items such as a LBD is to pair it with a statement handbag or playful shoes.  

#3 Play with texture, material and layering

There are many ways to wear black but have you thought about mixing fabrics? 

Suede, leather, wool, cotton, silk or linen the list is endless. Featuring a different texture or material is a not so obvious way to make a black outfit look not so drab and flat.

Glam up a black blazer with some leather pants or why not add a fur jacket to your LBD. By layering up your outfit you are creating depth and interest to this ever-versatile color.

Why not try adding something like this red textured scarf next time you throw on your black leather jacket or rock this striking bag. 



#4 Be careful with head to toe black 

There are mixed feelings about head to toe black in the fashion world. Yes you can look like Audrey Hepburn, but you can also look like a bouncer at a night club, a widow in mourning or worse washed out.  

Don’t be afraid to show some skin, that’s the key.  A high slit in a skirt will be the thing that makes your outfit work for you.

#5 Add a dash of color or tone with Monochromatic hues

Another way to add some interest or break up your black silhouette is by adding monochromatic hues. This just means shades of the same color.  Add a grey scarf or a grey jacket, or you can even add some subtle colors such as dusty pink or pale purple for a softer contrast for everyday wear. 

So when you are shopping next why not give those black jeans a go, that shimmering top or black fur coat could be your next best friend.

At Ann G Linen we know this color is timeless and just like our premium linen it will be a staple that you can’t live without.

Our fabric is tailored and designed to keep you comfortable with easy care, leaving you more time to enjoy your new purchase.

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