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The Art of Wearing Linen Jackets

Posted on November 25 2019

Depending on what the season is in your part of the world, heat and humidity can sometimes make it feel impossible to suit up or wear jackets, but linen gives you the opportunity to remain well dressed without the weight, and without losing any style in the process.

Linen is lighter, durable and breathable. You may not need to dress up to suit level, you may just want to turn up sophisticated and stylish or comfortably attend a summer party or barbecue with friends and family.  Here's three ways to wear Linen in a Jacket. 

1. Cool, calm, collected and casual

Our Linen Adjustable Collar Casual and Relaxed Linen Jacket will protect you from any kind of weather. The collar can adjust to any shape you like, the draw string waste can be adjusted for comfort, and the overall look and feel of this Jacket goes perfectly with a pair of stylish pants, or over a skirt.  Add some earrings and a scarf and you are ready to roll!  Literally! 

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2. Sophisticated

If you want to go something really unique and sophisticated, our Double Layered Tunic is the perfect solution. It's a silhouette that is stylish and relaxed in a signature linen. With double long short contrast layer on bracelet length sleeves and hemline. It has beautiful hand stitching along the back center, a straight hemline, with long splits on the front, back and the side seam, finished nicely with a luxury sea shell button with loop. Dress it up with heels, throw on some stunning earrings and matching jewellery.  You cannot go wrong!

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3. Official, Business & Diplomatic

When you need to dress up for work but you don't want to go all out with a jacket, our Ann G Linen Linen jackets are the perfect solution. Our Grandad Fitted Short Blazer is a formal linen jacket that will give you an elegant and sophisticated look. The Join panels on front and back to create a three dimensional shape.  It sits nicely over tailored pants or informal jeans and skirts. Colour it up with a scarf and some bright accessories and you are ready for business!

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So whatever the occasion, Linen Jackets are the perfect solution!    


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