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The British Royal Family On Fashion

Posted on July 20 2017

The British Royal Family on Fashion!

The Royal family are consistently in the world media spotlight, and although they have the occasional ‘faux par’ when it comes to what they wear, they are most often dressed not only appropriately but fashionably, to the point that their style is followed around the world. Here we outline some of the fashion rules the royals follow and how you can recreate the look they wear so well.
Events Matter
The Royal Family attend many events every week from formal affairs to tours in other countries with different climates. What they wear is important on various levels. Firstly, the type of event matters, for example if it is a formal affair a tiara or headpiece is worn and for those who have served in the Armed Forces, dress uniform. If they are travelling, diplomatic procedures must be taken into account, such as colours or emblems of the country they are visiting, not to mention the different climates as well. Sometimes pants and boots for the women are appropriate for hiking or a safari but to meet and greet the public or in an official capacity, skirts and dresses of a suitable (not short) length are worn. For all of the Royals, dignity, honour and respect are the desired outcome when they are in public so their attire must reflect that.
Keeping It Simple
One of the ways they achieve this is by keeping their outfit simple. The Queen herself is an excellent example. She wears block and monochromatic colours to make things easier as her wardrobe is selected months in advance. Not only do the colours she chooses help her to stand out in a crowd so she will be easily noticeable, they also may often contain intricate detail or embellishment which sets them apart in an elegant but understated way.
Choosing Accessories
The most common accessory apart from jewellery, especially pearls, the Royals wear are hats. The Queen herself loves wearing hats and she has many intricate, fashionable and desirable hats in her extensive wardrobe. Hats and accessories are one way you can add depth to an outfit. Hats are also customary for formal daytime events such as weddings or christenings or worn for official visits and engagements. The jewellery they choose is also simple, elegant and striking. Princess Catherine is often known to purchase jewellery from the countries she travels to no matter how inexpensive and wears her purchases on the tour and favours long, dangly earrings which show off her elegant neck and long tresses.
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