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The celebrity style you always wanted

Posted on February 25 2019

We see them in the magazines and splashed on our screens. Their outfits are sort after wherever you go and people spend thousands trying to replicate what their favourite stars are wearing.  But it’s easier and less expensive then you might think. It’s all about the style and cut of the outfits you buy that will have you turning heads. So, we have put together 9 secrets to get you shopping and dressing like the celebs with ease.  Who knows you may actually have some hidden gems in you wardrobe that you have forgotten about!

Secret #1: Rock statement accessories with a simple outfit:

The key is balance, keep it simple and add one or two fun accessories and let them shine!  Many times sticking with the basics and then coloring it up with statement jewelry, shoes and scarves can really take your look next level with depth. 

You could start with our Linen Jersey Shoulder Trim Tee -->

Secret #2: Zip up or button your jacket in lieu of a top:

This look works with everything from a denim jacket to a sleek leather jacket. Pair it with a more feminine skirt to create a contrast with the structured stop.

Secret #3: Wear a longer top layer over a dress:

There nothing quite as timeless and elegant as a duster-length coat or jacket over a pretty dress. Amal Clooney is just one of the countless celebrates that have mastered this secret.

Why not try our silhouette Linen Double Layered Tunic. It's stylish and relaxed in a signature linen. With double long short contrast layer on bracelet length sleeves and hemline.-->

Secret #4: Monochromatic outfits are flattering and polished, no matter the occasion:

There’s something sophisticated about a monochromatic outfit. Maybe that’s why Celebrities choose them. The look is both super elegant and high-end. 

Secret #5: A statement coat instantly turns any simple outfit from drab to amazing:

You can’t get much simpler then a Jean and T-shirt outfit, in fact it's a must have!  But, take your outfit next level by dressing it up at night with a statement jacket and heels. Heads will turn!

Secret #6: You can and should pair sneakers with literally anything:

From cocktail to ultra-casual this look is a must have.  Throw in a pair of white sneakers and you have an 'on trend' wardrobe staple.  Sneaker lover Gigi Hadid shows us just how to master this look.

Secret #7: Adding a pop of colour is the easiest way to stand out:

When it comes to the red carpet it is necessary for celebrities to stand out for all the right reasons. One of the easiest ways to do that is by adding a pop of colour. That can be as simple as wearing a black dress with a bright red bag or killer heels. Having a strong contrast is the key for getting the most out of your outfits impact.

Secret #8: Play with proportions:

Why not change the waist line to mix things up. High waisted pants paired with a crop top, duster coat and heels are a fun chic and interesting look without it coming across as sloppy.

Our Linen Bubble Effect Harem Pants, are the perfect start!

Secret #9: Layered separates add depth:

This is a super practical secret, letting you show off your outfit instead of wearing one bulky layer. The best thing is that you can apply this in any season.  In summer just add some lighter layers and up in the cooler months bring on the thick layers. So why not give one of these styles a go today and get your celebrity on! 

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