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The Linen Vintage Washed Shark Bit Hem Dress

Posted on July 09 2018

Having a dress in your wardrobe that can go from not only day to night, but from summer to winter is an absolute must! However finding a dress that can do that is a bit of a challenge!

Ann G Linen’s fashionable Linen Vintage Washed Shark Bit Hem Dress is one that can do just that! It is one of the most versatile in our range, as it can be worn on it’s own or over loose fitting pants, jeans or leggings. It really is a worthwhile find!

You can choose to dress it up for more formal events or wear it casual on a hot day. As with most linen, the more you wash and wear it, the better it will become, as it will soften up and feel delightful and even more comfortable to wear.

To give you some idea of this dresses versatility we have created three fashionable looks for you to try for yourself.

Firstly, the white dress (it doesn’t really matter what colour) can be worn over black leggings with a coloured leather or suede jacket, preferably cropped to give a more hourglass shape to your figure. We chose a burgundy biker jacket. Wear with tan high heeled shoes and you have a chic look for a fun occasion.

The second look is a little more casual and bohemian. We chose the dress in burnt orange to wear with boyleg denim jeans, beige coloured sandals and a choker pendant necklace. This outfit would be great for a summer evening or shopping on the High Street. Pair with your favourite handbag and sunglasses and you will exude confident, casual style.

The last outfit is for a night on the town! We chose a two tone black style for it’s elegance and shimmering effect. Wear this dress with a lovely ornate wrap, strappy black heels and a stylish clutch to create a classy look for dinner or a concert. You could change it a little for a cooler evening by pairing with black tights and high heel ankle boots and a cropped formal jacket.


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