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Wearing Linen in the summer months

Posted on December 17 2018

Linen is one of the world’s most loved fabrics. It is a fabric that is not only durable and long lasting, its also a fabric that can go with just about anything in any season. Linen is a fabric of choice in hot weather as the thread allows the fabric to breathe keeping you cooler longer.  Here’s how to wear linen in Summer.


Pants are must have fashion items that can be worn as casual or official outfits. Wearing them with high heels, sneakers or flat shoes is a cool idea, and can be easily dressed up or dressed down according to your occasion. Add a bit of extra modern style by rolling up the bottoms. Pants form a part of a stylish outlook and they can be worn with various jackets and tops to give you different looks for several occasions. Every fashion conscious person knows that a great basis for a great summer outfit can start with the right pair of pants.

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Linen suits are renowned for their casual look, with many opting to wear linen suits over heavy cotton pieces.  A linen suit can be a great in between outfit if you aren’t sure what the fashion code is for a daytime event. For summer add a lighter coloured shirt underneath your navy blue coloured suit for example and finish with a brightly coloured scarf. Linen suits are ideal for summer parties and an impressive fashion combo for summer.


Linen skirts are ideal for warmer temperatures, as not only does the fabric breathe, it enables you to stay cooler.  Choose a must have linen skirt at, a skirt that highlights your best features and evens out those you don’t like as much.  For a larger frame, a longer skirt that accentuates length is best, for a smaller skinnier frame, then skirts that add some depth in the hip area,might work best.

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Linen is the best fabric to keep you cool in summer!  Take a few minutes now to choose and order your favourite pieces!

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