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What the Royals will be wearing to the Wedding of the Year

Posted on May 07 2018

Deciding what to wear to a wedding is always challenging but imagine having to choose what to wear to a royal wedding! For most weddings there is a dress code to adhere to and for a royal wedding even more so. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding invitation calls for this dress code - Dress: uniform, morning coat or lounge suit/ day dress with hat. But the question is, what does this even mean?

For men, if a male attendee is a military member, he wears his uniform. But he also has the option of ‘morning dress’ which calls for classic morning coats, along with an optional top hat. As worn by Prince William and Prince Harry to Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

A man could also wear a lounge suit, which is more like a traditional business suit, rather than something casual. A classic tailored suit in a dark hue would be formal and proper for a morning wedding.

For women, the dress code calls for a day dress. So what is this? Hemlines should be on the conservative side, not going too far above the knee. Midi and maxi dresses are acceptable. The key is to look smart and sharp but not too glitzy. Necklines shouldn’t be too revealing and while prints are agreeable, should not be too over the top. Subtle prints and statement colours are pivotal.

It is an unspoken rule that guests should not wear white. No one wants to outshine the bride. Darker shades such as navy always looks elegant and light pastels are a good option for something soft and feminine.

When it comes to shoes, closed toe is the go to and heels shouldn’t be higher than two or three inches. It is not a requirement to wear hosiery but open toe shoes or anything too strappy should be avoided. Expect to see lots of chic, classic pumps in various heel heights.

It is interesting to note that when it comes to all aspects of royal wedding dress code, subtlety is key — except with the hat! Large, colourful, elaborately adorned hats are encouraged. Fascinators are acceptable, but they have to be impressive. It's sort of a "the-bigger-the-better" philosophy when it comes to headwear. Fascinators give the option of having a little fun with the look and inject personal style but rather than going too crazy they should be light, modern and a chic alternative to a hat.

Jewellery should be subtle and classic such as pearls, which are perfect for a royal wedding and come in many styles, sizes and colours. Brooches also make a classy accessory.

Due to Meghan Markle’s fashion forward style there may even be a chance that pant suits or jumpsuits will be an acceptable choice of day wear to this royal wedding.

As with all things royal we are looking forward to the fashion at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Not only what the bride and groom will be wearing but also their guests. With such an interesting and eclectic guest list there is sure to be some fascinating outfits and styles to anticipate and remark on for many years to come.  

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