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What to wear this 2018 Christmas season

Posted on December 24 2018

As the nights warm up and the evenings get longer, or if you are on the other side of the world where it's cool and warmth and comfort is key, the number of gatherings and parties do increase and our wardrobes can be on heavy rotation. We all want to focus on spending time with family and friends this festive season and less time on what we will wear to our next social gathering. So, we've gathered a few tips to make it easier for you.

Day time events

During a day party it is best to go for comfortable clothes that are lightweight, so going for items made out of breathable fabrics like linen are best. Why not try reinventing outfits that you already have in your wardrobe you could try wearing a belt over a skirt or a statement necklace with a shirt.  Throw on a jacket, some bling and some trendy boots or flip flops.  It's amazing how an outfit actually does change when you change up jewellery, scarves, jackets and shoes.

Statement Coats

Sparkling and glittery coats are very trendy and stylish for this Christmas. Wear a golden blazer on top of a black shirt. It is simple yet very trendy for a party. Select a matching purse and a nice pair of shoes. Heels are mostly preferred over flats for evening occasions. Flats can be worn if you plan on going for a party that lasts until midnight, if you’re hosting or if there’s some dancing involved. 

Evening events

If the party is in the evening, then you can go for a fancy outfit. Wear a little makeup and carry a clutch or a nice bag. Outfits like a jumpsuit, short dress, shirt with a skirt would be an ideal wear for an evening party.  Once again changing up jewellery, shoes and outer garments can significantly change up an outfit. 

Here are 5 random trends to look out for this Christmas:

  1. Matching Christmas Pjs or jumpers.  It's the most random trend ever, but it's #ontrend, even for some laughs. 
  2. Plaid Skirts. Yes they're back! If it's good enough for Kate Middleton then its good enough for us.
  3. Ultraviolet. Don't be mistaken although Red, Green and Silver are classics why not mix it up this year and stand out from the crowd. Be bold with your fashion. Get out of your comfort zone. You've got this!
  4. Christmas tree hair colour. If you have long beautiful locks it's the perfect time to have some fun with some colour, green or red wine. The best part is now days it doesn't have to be permanent with hair chalk and wash out DIY methods.
  5. Good news the christmas tree sweater is still in, why not pair it with some black leather jeans or skirt for a classic look. Add a bit of bling with some sparkle ankle boots.  You will be the life of the party!

We've put together this classic outfit to help you step out in style this festive season. Transition from lunch to party simply by adding some gold bling and heels with your accessories.

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