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Your Best Underwear Essentials

Posted on June 03 2019

Have you ever stopped to think about what goes under your favourite shirt or jumper?  What you wear underneath actually helps with the overall comfort factor.

Just because it's unseen doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be of the highest quality and the chances are that it will help to keep you warmer and comfier.  We know that some of these are basic but it’s amazing how often they can get overlooked and forgotten about. So, here is your fail proof guide to all things unseen. 

The humble t-shirt bra

We all have those fabrics where we need a smooth underneath to help refine our top. Having a nude t-shirt bra is an essential part for every women’s underwear draw.

The everyday fancy bra

We all need that special bra that gives you an extra boost of confidence. This isn’t the 'go to' bra for those tight fitting tops as it will show through most fabrics, so best save this one for opaque and loose fitting outfits.

A GOOD underwire strapless bra

So what do we do about those "off-the-shoulder" tops and dresses? This is the perfect pairing for those tricky tops. It’s also worth investing in nude and black that lifts and supports, so you are ready for any occasion.

The bandeau strapless bra

This will be your go to when your outfit requires a strapless bra but the outfit is on the casual side. They are extremely comfortable (no underwire) and great for summer months when your top is slightly see through and you don’t feel like wearing a bra and singlet together.

A minimizer underwire sports bra

This is for you active girls that like support but also want to keep style and fullness in mind. The minimizer part maximizes your support but minimizes the 'bounce'. These types of sports bras are also great for girls that are a bit on the smaller side as they often come with padding. If your way of being active is less intense, then why not give sports bras without wire a go, great for Yoga or Pilates.

Seamless underwear

So you have just gotten dressed to hit the town only to catch a glimpse of your underwear lines in the mirror. This is where seamless underwear shines giving you those endless curves in all the right place.

Saving the best for last ~ the stretch cami 

The unsung hero of seamless undergarments and layering.  If you get nothing else from this list, camis are a must for every wardrobe!

Black, white and nude are our staples that you will find yourself grabbing time and time again. Don’t stop there though there are so may colours to choose from and they are perfect under any top, try grey or navy, the sky's the limit. This is something that is worth spending money on as they are never going to go out of fashion.

Try our quality Linen Bias Cut Camis, a simple relaxed cami to match with any outer wear made to layer.

We know that this might not be as exciting as spending money on that stunning jacket, or show stopping pair of heels but after all, these are the things that you will wear the most. They should be comfortable and of the highest quality, believe  me you will feel the difference and save money in the end. 

Pop over and see our latest ranges of Premium Linen today, you never know what you'll find.

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