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About Us

A Story About Ann G Linen

Ann G Linen was established as a women's linen fashion brand in 1992.
Since then, Ann G Linen has charmed their International following of loyal customers, not only enjoying our Label themselves, but also recommending our ranges to others.

Ann G Linen are a world known brand, working with a group of dedicated and professional designers.
Some of our designs are produced in limited quantities to ensure our customers enjoy exclusive designs and brilliant tailoring.

The Ann G Linen Fashion Label sources Premium European Linen from Belgium, exclusively made of a smooth texture, non irritating linen that is soft and cool to wear, in a variety of colors.
Our Linen is dyed with certified product only, treated, worked on and finished at only the finest mills.
Our customers enjoy Premium European Linen which is of branded international quality, with superb tailoring and finishing.
Our Linen Fashion Range is durable & comfortable, suitable for all kinds of weather.

We value customers satisfaction, service, partnership and high product standard reliability.
Our collections are enjoying a steady increase of growth in demand and popularity.
Our success is based on a distinctive design, high quality fabric, stable supplier chain and a commitment to only the best.

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